new kaka pohon

Yeterday, someone said “hei kaka, aku ade pohonnya kaka” (hi sister, I’m your little tree sister). The name is funny kaka dan ade pohon (older sister and little sister’s tree). But that’s the goal, to create a tree of brother and sister in the same majority each year and make like the tree is a family, so that make us know well each other.

You know, one reason why I writing in this blog then post it, that cause I have a problem which I don’t want anyone know about this. That’s why I writing.

What’s the problem jessi ? Just cause a year ago when I’m still a 1st grade student, I have an older tree sister name A, and this year my older tree sister is not the same, she is B. Like that’s my problem.

But not just it, 2 person who change the structure of the tree is my own 1st grade older tree sister and my room mates. I think u know who.

But also not just it, my new older tree sister is my room mates 1st grade older tree sister, and it make me think that “what do you want from me ? Why do you make all this ? Tell me why ? What happen with your older tree sister and then you want me feel the same with last you ? Why my new must be your last ? Why ? Are you plan all this ?” Thats all.

Insya Allah (if my god give me permission), I’ll still like a nice friend for her, and I save this problem deep in my blog, haha. Don’t want to think about this anymore. I just accept the judge, and do everything like there is no problem between us.

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