The ospek day

Today is the ospek day, in my campus, its named opak “orientasi pengenalan akademik”.
Well, u all know that I’m in nursing majority, and I’m one of kabim for this opak.

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Things in Jakarta

When you come to Jakarta, you not just can shopping like what I said in a post before. Things you must to do is taste very much delicious food.

Why do I say like this ? Hehe, because I’m just finish my lunch, nasi goreng seafood (seafood fried rice), its so delicious.

Try it when you are in Jakarta.

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Shopping in Jakarta

Today is The last day my sister in Jakarta for this semester, so what to do ? Shopping of course 🙂

Its nice to get some amazing things from Jakarta which almost different if you buy them outside Jakarta. What the thing is that ? Shoes, clothes, bag, and other.

Better in quality, match in price and the very comfortable places, that’s Jakarta.

Enjoy when you are in Jakarta, before you go back to your country.

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My room mates left room’s key

This post about my friend, she is come from cilacap, her names nadhia. Today, she gone from her home town and back to ciputat, my campus places.

Suddenly I got a call from her and she said that she was in ciputat but she forget to bring the key of our room. What should I do. In the same time, me and my mom wanna go to hospital, also wanna go to a mall to buy some that I needs.

If u were me, what would you do ? Can you suggest me ?

Oh ya, we are in ciputat live together in the same room, the room names “kost” or “kos-kosan”, like an apartment. Haha.
Why do we live in the same room ? Because live together will make the room cheaper, and we can keep our sosiality. Right !

Suggest what better I do, please ya 🙂 Thank you.

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Mie Ayam Banyumas

I’m just finished eated my lunch together with my family.

My mom buy some delicious lunch, that’s Mie Ayam Banyumas (Banyumas chicken noodle), Pangsit (chicken roll), and Bakso (meat ball).

Mom buy them all near by my home, the Mie Ayam Banyumas located in Perumahan Medang Lestari, Jalan Medang 2, Blok B2N/16, RT 008/ RW 001, Pagedangan – Tangerang, Banten – Indonesia, 15339.

Trust me, Mie Ayam Banyumas is really delicious, and the price, also cheap, just 12.000 rupiah (12$).

I suggest you to try, and proof that I said the truth.

Happy trying 🙂

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Its not good use my personal account to say this, but truely, I’m verry happy, cause my blackberry is back to me, but also, I’m very sorry for you, someone who doesn’t exist anymore be my bbm contact, its nice to be your friend, and its nice to get your heart, but I don’t know why, since the time you said about yours feeling to me, I ever think that I also love you, but then when I think about it anymore, that’s just a crazy think. Sorry

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