cause im in my period

Today is tuesday, and my second day in my period, oh well, in the morning my father woke me up, to eat sahur, but then i tell, i’ll wake up later, then 30 minutes after, my father woke me up anymore, then he give me a plate with rice and a beef inside.

I’m confuse, then i guess, maybe my father doesn’t know that I’m in my period, haha. No problem to me to eat the food had my father give to me, cause i love that menu, in indonesia it name “tunjang meat”, but i don’t know what to say it in english.

After eat, i did everything like the same as I’m not in my period, that i drink too much water. Haha.

After adzan subuh, I’m not praying, of course cause i can’t praying when I’m in my period. As a human which wanna to talk with god, we must in good condition, but I’m in not good condition, so I’m not praying.

Well, after my father go to work, and before my lil sister back to home from school, i said to my mom, “mom, i feel hungry, could i eat something ?”, then mom said, “of course dear, u r not fasting, no matter what u want to eat, no body could forbid u”. Then i eat. I call it my lunch. Haha.

Then, when the time is 3.p.m. I feel asleep, I’m lucky cause my mom had sleep before, so it’s my time to sleep, i sleep in my living room, i can see my shop from here, and insya Allah if there is a visitor wanna buy something in my shop i can hear when he call me.

Sometime the visitor came, and i wake up for a while, then i sleep anymore, and when the time show 5.p.m. My mom tell me that she wanna eat some meat ball. And she ask me, would i buy her some meat ball ?, then i said “yes”, but then mom want i to buy other, that some vegetable. I just no problem, cause for mom, everything i do.

When the time show 5.30.p.m. mom say, let’s go dear, we eat meat ball first when we are finish fasting,

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