8 agustus 2010 – make ktp n reunion

Today i make my ktp card, how tired to make it, first i must take some formal pic, then print it, then, i must go to kelurahan and after that go to kecamatan. Actually there is a easy way to feel no tired, just pay someone to did make my ktp card, then 3 week later my ktp card done. But i need a fast reaction, so i did it my self. How lucky I’m meet someone i know in kelurahan, haha, he also wanna go to kecamatan, so i follow him to kecamatan, even actually i don’t know where is the kecamatan’s place. Haha. Someone intrograte me when I’m in kelurahan, but it’s different when I’m in kecamatan. In kecamatan, i just pay 20.000 rupiah, then someone give me a paper and tell me to come to kecamatan again 4 days later. Hah ? I never think that it would be like that. Haha. My sister said, “i made my ktp card 3 week, even more”, why i could just 4 days then i’ll get my ktp card. One more, my friend, nurlaillah but i call her nuy, nuy said, “jessi, even till now i can’t get my ktp card in kelurahan, maybe cause you go to kecamatan, then it make u easier to get your ktp card”. Then i think so.

Well, when i know where is the kecamatan’s place, then i remember that i ever drive on this place, then i remember a word “katalina”, haha, i know this place !. When i went back to home, i ask an old man, “mr, which way to katalina ?”, then he answer, “choose the right way”, then i said thank you. As long as the way to back home, i try to remember about this place, which way i have to choose, but god really help me, i remember the way, then i feel enjoy. But something happen, there is the city building project in gading serpong (near my house, but i never know that there is the place like this there). That city building make me don’t know the way to back home, this road is different, bigger, better, but i don’t know this road, then i think, better i follow some motor cycle in front of me, then wherever they go, i’ll follow, but then i arrive in katalina. I don’t believe it. Haha. Odd. Lol. So, i know the way to home cause i had meet the katalina.

Arrive at home i just sit in front of fan, then i feel asleep, but i can’t, cause my mom need rest (take a nap) more than me, so i let my mom sleep. While i waiting mom woke up, i play komputer, i open fb, and yahoomail, then, enough. I play computer till 3 p.m. Mom wake up. Then, i feel tired, but i must to prepare my self to the reunion, so i look for some clothes, then, trousers, then hijab, (in my daily life i wear hijab wherevr i go / insya Allah). Then i find them.

After take a bath, i be ready to go. Then i go to my friend’s house (nuy) to go to reunion’s place together. The road to arrive in nuy’s house has traffic jam, so, better we r go back entry my complex then walk there.

The reunion take place in mc Donald (mcD) in st. Mark square lippo karawaci. Arrived there, i doesn’t saw so much body, i just look somebody whose plan this reunion party. Haha. But then, one by one my friend come, then we order some food to eat and when we r hear the adzan magrib, we all taste the food had we order before.

In that reunion party, we r talk, talking about everything, we r take some picture, and happy together. Happy today.

°·♥·♡τнäηκ чöü♡·♥·° ya Allah. اَلْحَمْدُلِلّه ‎.

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