7 august 2011 – facebook

Ya Allah, i hate my self, why i share my life in facebook ? Why i don’t hide it for my self, why god, tell me ? Am I a hiperball girl ? Me and him had over someday ago, but why i still remember him, even i dint know him self, i don’t know anything about him, but really ya Allah, I’m lol or I’m love him ? God, i know he is just for a while for me, but god, tell me, why i could be like this ? He text me more sometime, but he looks different, i don’t think he like someone i ever had, i ever know before, he is really different, i know god, u know more about this, huhhh, god, why ? Why ? Why ? God, let him remember me anymore, let him tell that he love me, really love me, then let he be the better one, i don’t know why i hope like that to you god, but, i wanna to talk that to you god, just you who i believe, god, thanks to let him text me first again, i want he love me, i want he tell me that he love me, amin.

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