22 juli 2011, i introduce my self

Today, july 22 2011, it’s my first time use wordpress for blackberry, well, i have a facebook account “Jessita Putri Dhiary”, i have a twitter account “JessitaDhiary”, i have a ym “dhiary_jessita@yahoo.co.id”, i have a whatsapp, i have windowslive massanger “dhiary_jessita@yahoo.co.id”, it means i have so much account, but nothing of it, which i locked, so i want make my wordpress blog be my place to share something, u know somebody need to share her life, but I’m not someone can say anything to anyone, so i need to write, about my life, by my self. I know u don’t know me well, so i brave to share my life, no matter if u want to comment, and we could be friend, if u have blackberry pin, tell to me, i’ll invite u, then u’ll know me more. ˚☺k!˚ . °·♥·♡τнäηκ чöü♡·♥·° . Happy reading, happy be my friend.

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